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Unsplash as a Game Changer!

Unsplash as a Game Changer!

Over the last 20 years of website development, one issue which has always come up when I’m working with a client is… quality images. The images you choose for your website are very important at setting a tone for your visitors. Historically, to obtain quality images, you’d most likely either hire a professional photographer, or pay licensing fees to use quality images on your website, both of which would add a significant cost to your website build process. In the last few years however, something has happened to change that.

First though, let me state unequivocally, I’m all for paying artists for their work! When you pay a photographer for their efforts, it supports the arts in the world and helps them do what they love to do in the world. Whenever possible, please do just that.

However, for many small business owners, cash flow issues are a real issue which impact the bottom line. In some cases, the additional charge for quality imagery could be a deciding factor in whether to green light a web project. In those cases, the website Unsplash.com has opened up another option. It’s an amazing site where photographers from all around the world have donated their high-resolution pictures for royalty-free general public use, including commercial use. This evens the playing field and makes it easier for everyone to have many high quality options for images for their website or social media projects. Many of the photos we’ve used on our own and our client websites have come from Unsplash.

Check it out. And, please remember to support artists when you can!