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My Dual Background in Tech, and Healing

My Dual Background in Tech, and Healing

Many people have asked me, as a breathwork facilitator of over 15 years, how did I end up working in a technical field such as the internet.  Here’s how it all happened…

I completed a master’s degree from Antioch University Seattle in 1996 focusing on psychology, spirituality and transformational education.  However, my 10-year old son was about to come live with me full time, and I needed to pay the bills, and quickly… So I began working for a large Seattle corporation in a communications position–just as the internet was seriously expanding. I was fortunate to work for a visionary manager, who quickly recognized how important the internet was becoming.  Within a few months she told me to take as many classes as I could on web design and development, because, for her, the internet was a communication tool… hence, she apologetically told me, it fell on me to learn all about it!  I laughed and told her I was excited to learn.  Hence began my dual-career — juxtaposing technology with the facilitation of transformational experiences.

After working at that corporation for three years, my son was now 13… and at his age, understandably no longer willing to put up with going to an after-school program.  But, since I didn’t get home until after 6, and he was out of school at 2:30 pm, something had to give… I wasn’t yet ready to let him be alone for that long every day.  Given how booming the internet  was, I knew the best solution with the skills I had gained was to take the leap and begin to work for myself.  This would allow me to work from home and be there everyday when my son came home from school!  Hence was born my first web company – ARP Consulting.

That sustained us for the first few years.  Then in 2001, I got a nice opportunity to work for my alma mater – Antioch University Seattle -, which needed someone to run their website.  Starting as a 10-hour per week position, it soon grew to 20 hours, which worked beautifully for me.  For the next 12 years, I became the primary webmaster for the 1200-page AUS website, while using the rest of each week to work with my private clients and to start doing some transformational facilitation work.

During the course of that 12 years, I became very interested in the newly burgeoning field of SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It was obvious from my work that having a great website didn’t help anybody… unless that website could be easily found online by a company’s actual target market.  After learning the ins and outs at the time, I began to offer that service as part of my own business.

Such was my life until 2013, when I decided to take another leap, and devote more of my time to the transformational work I’d been developing since 2002.  However, I’ve continued to consult with friends and close associates about technical, internet, SEO and web marketing issues.  Given that many of my colleagues and my extended community are working in many of the healing professions, I’ve greatly enjoyed offering my support in service to help them figure out the best possible way to express their most authentic self through their website — and to share their wonderful gifts with the world!

Hence my vision to launch one more company… this one in service to helping those who are running small businesses and/or in the healing professions to connect with their ideal clientele.  I’d love to chat with you about how I may be able to help you too!

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