Location: Seattle, WA


What SEO Is All About

If you’ve had any connection to online marketing over the last 15 years, you’ve heard the term “SEO” bandied around.  Maybe you know it has something to do with the search engines, but not the details.  In this post I’m going to explain it in more detail. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, simply refers to…
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My Dual Background in Tech, and Healing

Many people have asked me, as a breathwork facilitator of over 15 years, how did I end up working in a technical field such as the internet.  Here’s how it all happened… I completed a master’s degree from Antioch University Seattle in 1996 focusing on psychology, spirituality and transformational education.  However, my 10-year old son…
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Unsplash as a Game Changer!

Over the last 20 years of website development, one issue which has always come up when I’m working with a client is… quality images. The images you choose for your website are very important at setting a tone for your visitors. Historically, to obtain quality images, you’d most likely either hire a professional photographer, or…
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